What we do for you

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What we do for you

Telling your story your way : connect write selects and writes words that maximise connections to your target markets and audiences.

Are you a business, a third sector organisation or an individual? Whatever your background, we provide an individualised service to companies internationally.

If you require copy for a new online/print piece, or have copy that needs to be updated, edited or refreshed, we tailor our service to your requirements.

Carefully choosing words that reflect your company values or personal values, you have our assurance that these words will truly convey the information you want to share.

Connect write – providing copy and editing for:

  • business content
  • grant applications
  • media content
  • speechwriting
  • academic writing (review service only)

Based in Sligo, Ireland (lucky us!) we listen to you and transform your words to effective text. So, if you are sitting at your desk, tearing your hair out over writing the words for a homepage, media release or grant application. Stop now! Contact us, we’ll do it for you, leaving you more time to spend on other aspects of your work or organisation.

Who are we?

Connect write was set up by Maeve McCormack.  A Dublin lass and ahead of the posse, she relocated to the North West of Ireland in the 1990s and has worked from Sligo with clients all over the world since then (thank you broadband!).  Maeve has a group of specialist associates to support her writing services.

‘I set up connect write to address a recurring need I saw among clients. Having worked extensively writing copy, I saw how many sole traders, SMEs, non-profits and volunteers really struggled to write an occasional short piece of copy.  It was put on the long finger, or took much longer to write than it should, putting pressure on the completion of day to day tasks.  The solution was a reasonably priced, no nonsense writing service – connect write.

I believe passionately in telling your story, your way – painlessly.    I vary the tone of your words, depending on your company needs at a certain time.   At connect write, we write differently for different mediums.  While a social media post, a media release or a company report may contain common information, they are written and edited completely differently.

Our experience across all types of media and publications mean we can choose the style to suit your needs.

Do you want to encourage, support or sell hard?  Are you going for slick, friendly or snappy?  Remember that blog you included when you re-vamped your website?  The one you stopped updating because you ran out of time or things to say?  Need I continue……….?

Often, clients have all the information gathered but struggle to put it together into a piece of easily understood copy.  Do you  have the information gathered,  but need someone to write it up for you?  We will present it  in a way  that is clear and honest,  accurately reflecting the  successes and offering of your organisation, inspiring potential customers to lift the phone, message you or call in to see you.

I have a track record writing for SMEs, corporates and the media.  My writing has covered all sectors including  arts, culture, education, tech, health, wellbeing, communications, medical and I’m a speech award winning International Toast Master Competitor.  I also love coffee and swimming in the sea.

Looking for more services?

“Maeve from connect write  worked as media consultant to IT Sligo to achieve effective communication of topics that were often complex, to a general public, in order to raise the profile of the work of the Institute. She was proactive and sought out good news stories where the individuals involved often hadn’t thought about their work as newsworthy 

J. Bartlett, BSc (Hons), MA, PhD

Head of Research at Institute of Technology, Sligo

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