The media release is probably the most regularly outsourced piece of work at connect write.  Also called a press release or a news release, it is a short piece of writing, with a new story, that is issued to media (online, print, TV, radio).  The heading and first paragraph summarise the whole story.  The remainder of the piece provides further detail on the news story.


That word deserves a line to itself.  If your story is not new, it is not news.  However, if you have a new angle on an old story, you may be able to make it into news.

The first paragraph is the most important.   It should tell everything.   Make sure you give everything away in the first few sentences.  You need to capture the editor’s or producer’s attention immediately.   If you don’t, your story will likely end up deleted or in the bin.

The rest of the piece gives more detail on the first paragraph summary. Be careful not to make it too long.  Extra information can always be put into an ‘Editor Notes’ Section at the end of the media release.

Remember to always include contact details for further information and a caption for any photograph you are attaching.

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